Canti della Seta

Friday, July 7 – 8.15 pm

CANTI DELLA SETA. La città in movimento


Coreografhy Virgilio Sieni

Original live music Michele Rabbia

with Gruppo 100.Mov

Coreographic score

A map of the gesture, meaning the journey of today’s man resonating with a dance that becomes an active protagonist by living of the anthropologic, artistic and social traces of the city: a view on the body as a key to interpretation towards a renewed perception of space and closeness to people. The continuous walk of a community, like the weaving of a canvas, the genesis and the building of a silk cocoon.

 A never-ending journey of 150 people in the form of a tale, a  page of a book, showing the experience lived between individuals about tactility, vicinity to the other, edifying together a ceremony based on sharing and dignity.

The performance will be the summit of a laboratory course lasting some months in which more than 80 non-professional dancers will participate, guided by Sieni and his assistants.